Types of thunderstorms – the single cell


Types of Storms

Single cell


A storm that basically exists on its own, becomes mature and then dies without other cells growing within its environment. 
Usually has a short life span due to the environment in which it develops.

The storm season in review – 2008 – 2009

This storm season officially had fewer severe storms than other seasons in the past. Work opportunities across the industry therefore also were few and far between. Intercepts of severe storms based on forecasts and chases however were about 90% this season with only a few exceptional events being not predicted by the author.

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Hailstorm Forecasts

Welcome to the specialist hail forecasting website. Apart from information on Paintless Dent Repairs and Removal, this website has a information on specialised hailstorm forecast techniques. Often general forecasts lack the detail required to predict hailstorms 24 hours to up to a week ahead. It is possible for to provide a assessment of hail risk within an accuracy of up to 95%. This provides sufficient lead time for those involved in the industry immediately affected by hail to prepare for the onslaught of hailstorms. We may not be able to stop hailstorms, but effective preparation can reduce to risk to life and property.

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