About hailstorm forecasts

hailstorm forecasts
hailstorm forecasts

This is the home to information regarding hailstorm forecasts and paintless dent repairs and removal industry. The information on this website is more for assistance for the industry. Hailstorm forecasts are important for the planning of many companies specifically those reliant on relocating or moving resources and concentrating the energies of their companies in a specific region.

So why hailstorm forecasts?

Forecasting is based on probability and is simplified for ease of use. It is obvious people only require specific information and variables rather than an expensive and complicated package. Although the forecasts are are simplified, the information provided and the accuracy make the forecasts an excellent tool for your company.

Our hailstorm consultants have extensive experience both in the field as storm chasers as well as in hailstorm forecasts themselves. Our hailstorm forecasts date back to 2006 when one of our clients approached to provide advanced lee time to place them in the box seat to make decisions once a hailstorm hit. This proved successful and the business grew from here.

The accuracy of the hailstorm forecasts depends on the type of conditions. They vary between 80 and 95%.

How accurate are these forecasts?

Hailstorm forecasts have improved since then with both extensive experience and special techniques. These techniques have improved both the accuracy and detail of the hailstorm forecasts.

hailstorm forecasts
hailstorm forecasts

In 2014, further improvements were developed. This enabled pinpointing with some accuracy the timing of the hailstorms as well as the intensity. during 2015, further research into specific modelling are in the development. Upon completion, these new techniques and resources may provide applications for graphics to be released to clients. The graphics will provide locations of where hailstorms may occur. Some of the modelling may pinpoint areas that were affected by hailstorms and timing.

Due for release in late 2015, further improvements in our hailstorm forecast algorithms provide an exciting stage in the development of our hail forecasting system. Contact us for your interest in this exciting new era in hailstorm forecasts for your company.

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