Hail Reports Mapped includes Tornado Alley

Hail Reports

hail reports
hail reports

Watch this space on any active day for the latest hail reports of severe hailstorms and their locations on a map! At the moment, the live reports are relevant to the US.

The whole concept of hail reports details live the locations where hailstorms occur. The hails reports provide information about hail size. They also provide their location and time of occurrence. Please note that not all hail reports are live as some are phoned any later or entered later.

Who provides hail reports?

Hail reports are provided by Skywarn storm spotters, storm chasers, the public and also emergency service personnel.

The Storm Prediction Center is a US Government department that provides the forecasts for regions as well severe thunderstorm watches. Once storms occur, it is the task of the National Weather Service in each regions to provide their specific warnings.

As regions encounter severe hailstorms, reports begin to flow in to the relevant departments and these are entered as soon as possible depending on staffing. It also depends on the intensity of the outbreak. In major hailstorm and tornado outbreaks, hail reports may flood in quite quickly.

A similar system although nowhere near as organised exists in Australia. Hail reports are reported by storm spotters and other sectors of the public and emergency service personnel. However, such reports are not always available immediately and may take weeks if not months to be entered on some occasions depending on the state.

Maps of hail and associated locations may be provided upon request so please feel free to contact us for hail maps. A nominal fee may apply.